It’s a New Year, Now What?

This year, I decided not to consciously make any “New Year’s Resoutions”, but that does not mean I have not incorporated new behaviors into my life, which are working better than the 20+ years of New Years resolutions. I found this great BuzzFeed post on some behaviors that would better your life if consciously incorporated into every day life, and not as a part of the ever elusive New Year’s Resolutions. As a fellow twenty-something, I constantly seek good and positive pointers since this is a pivotal time in our life and we should therefore be surrounding ourselves with positive influences as we continue to learn more about our existence.



Truth is spoken! We’re waiting for you here in DC!


With the release of our third album around the corner, a bi-weekly meeting to discuss general progress is paramount. This morning we (Sauti Sol) met with our overall management to discuss the way forward. The meeting started in a rather disheartening tone. All our potential corporate sponsors pulled out after the release of Nishike. After months of meetings and presentations, below are their reasons for the sudden change of heart.

  1. ‘Sauti Sol is now too out there’
  2. ‘Sauti Sol has seized to be a brand that associates with family and Kenyan values.’
  3. ‘Sauti Sol is too risky; they show great potential to break up, get into drugs or other vices that don’t represent company values.’
  4. ‘Sauti Sol is not Kenyan enough.’
  5. ‘Sauti Sol has lost more fans than they have gained’

In one particular boardroom during talks involving artists; the mention of our name was met with sarcastic laughter and…

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For My Single People Living in the District

I found this really awesome list of cool places to go out on first dates in DC. You don’t need to be going on a date to check them out, but if you are going on a date, all the best, have fun and check these places out! The list is old, but I’m sure most of those places are still in existence, my favorite being the midnight movie showings, talk about romantic district nights!