Explore DC Series: Free Newseum Entry

If you happen to have a Bank of America account, you’re in luck! Because the Bank offers free admission to museums across the country every first weekend of the month through their Museums on Us program – you would only need to show you Card and ID for admission, which is good for two days. The ugly cold weather should not completely take over and reduce you to hermit status! Go out and visit the Newseum(normally $23 admission) for free and learn about the News of our times!

World Cup Viewing Parties

If you’re like me and watch soccer, love it, during the world cup, and need to watch it with a crowd just as enthusiastic, there’s going to be viewing parties for a lot of the African games in the district and its environs. The African meetup is hosting viewing parties for the African games as follows:

Mexico vs Cameroon – Freaky Friday in Silver Spring

Ivory Coast vs Japan – Saturday June 14 in Silver Spring

Iran vs Nigeria and USA vs Ghana – Monday June 16 in Silver Spring

There are other viewing parties in DC if you want to check those out as well:

France vs Honduras – Sunday June 15

USA vs Ghana – Monday June 16 in Dupont

Italy vs Costa Rica – Friday June 20 in Dupont

MeetUps in DC

Another great thing about living in the District, especially as a person who enjoys meeting new people and learning different cultures, is the multitude of different events that you can attend. I highly recommend joining meetup, a site dedicated to events planned to help people with similar interests meet. I was just at the Swedish embassy yesterday which I would never have done otherwise if not for my meetup groups. The ones I recommend are the Embassy meetup group(they’ll be in the Bahamas this weekend!) as well as the Caribbean meetup group, since their music is just divine and they know how to have a good time.  There’s also a Swahili meetup that isn’t very active but would highly recommend joining it, maybe we can all use it to meet up!  The possibilities are endless! I’ll put up interesting and free embassy meetups as they come up.  Siku njema.

*side note – I’ve been incorporating swahili words in my posts and will start a dictionary of sorts explaining what they mean. Should help those of us trying to learn the language of the Kenyan people!

Kenyan in DC…Karibu!

As a Kenyan who has been living in the District the last few years, I have often been frustrated at the lack of or utter disorganization of information about Kenya, for Kenyans and friends of Kenya. As a young Kenyan living in the capital of the Free World, I’m taking it upon myself to arm all Kenyans and their friends with information that would allow us all to share, care and grow as Kenyans, in this nation. Email me with entries or suggestions for events coming up at “kenyan in dc at gmail dot com” or via the form below — please no spam! Legoooo! After all, Hakuna Matata!