Smithsonian Folklife Festival Volunteering

As mentioned in a previous post, Kenya will be featured in this year’s Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival on the National Mall. They are currently looking for volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer with the Festival here. Should be a good time to give back to our motherland as well as our adopted country, the USA.


For My Single People Living in the District

I found this really awesome list of cool places to go out on first dates in DC. You don’t need to be going on a date to check them out, but if you are going on a date, all the best, have fun and check these places out! The list is old, but I’m sure most of those places are still in existence, my favorite being the midnight movie showings, talk about romantic district nights!

Outdoor Summer Movies in DC

Summer in the District is always alive. If you like movies, and better yet, outdoor movies, I found this link with listing on various outdoor movie places around the Washington DC area. Most of the schedules are not out yet, but Pocket the link and check back often.  Make a point to go out one of these summer days!


Afropolitan is TOMORROW!!

One of my African meetups holds this networking/social gathering every first Friday of the month. It’s always a great time especially if you’re looking to meet African professionals, or enjoy some amazing African music. Entrance is $10 after 7pm but free with an rsvp to their meetup or eventbrite pages. It’s comes once a month so you better be there when it does!! FYI event is open to all!!