Making Money Moves

With tax season right around the corner, we were talking with a bunch of friends regarding the various options available for filing taxes. Personally, I use a good friend of mine, very sharp guy (and African) that can do your taxes from whatever state you may be visiting from. Please visit his website for more info and to support a brother!

Personal tax preparers aside, there are other options for you if you’d rather do things yourself. This applies perfectly if you only have one source of income, and plan on taking the standard deduction. I would recommend shopping around as there are different services all with different cost points. The most popular being H&R Block and Turbo Tax. You should be able to make it to the point of knowing what your refund is then pick the one that maximizes your refund. It’s crazy they vary so much depending on which service you use. I cannot wait for the day that tax returns and filing will be a thing of the past, maybe powered by blockchain? Be on the lookout for that post on all the ways blockchain will change the way our world works!

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