Explore DC Series: Free Newseum Entry

If you happen to have a Bank of America account, you’re in luck! Because the Bank offers free admission to museums across the country every first weekend of the month through their Museums on Us program – you would only need to show you Card and ID for admission, which is good for two days. The ugly cold weather should not completely take over and reduce you to hermit status! Go out and visit the Newseum(normally $23 admission) for free and learn about the News of our times!

There Are Men

Read this a while back and thought i’d share, this goes for the ladies too 🙂

There are men out there who will respond to your text messages. Men who will initiate conversations because they simply can’t wait to see what you’ll say next. There are men who will never be too busy or too preoccupied to wish you good morning, regardless if you’re a country or a block away. Men who remember to call when they say they will – because they want to – and those who surprise you with their curiosity about your sometimes monotonous days. There are men who aim to be the last person you talk to before you sleep and the first name you see on your screen when you rise. Men who show up on time – or even early – men who are genuinely excited to see you.

There are men who want to go on dates. Real dates. Men who want to take you out to their favorite…

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It’s a New Year, Now What?

This year, I decided not to consciously make any “New Year’s Resoutions”, but that does not mean I have not incorporated new behaviors into my life, which are working better than the 20+ years of New Years resolutions. I found this great BuzzFeed post on some behaviors that would better your life if consciously incorporated into every day life, and not as a part of the ever elusive New Year’s Resolutions. As a fellow twenty-something, I constantly seek good and positive pointers since this is a pivotal time in our life and we should therefore be surrounding ourselves with positive influences as we continue to learn more about our existence.