That Unsettling Moment

…when all your fall shows conclude and you have this weird period of not knowing what to do with your life and you start frantically searching for new shows to watch. Ahhh. Good thing YouTube exists. There’s this awesome show called Shuga, where you get to see the most beautiful woman, Lupita Nyong’o, when she started her acting career, long before her Oscar and widespread fame. The show’s whole premise is to promote safe sex among the youth in Kenya as well as highlight the harsh realities facing youth today. It’s in Sheng,  our very own mix of English and Swahili but it’s a great show to watch in this limbo period. They have also progressed into a Nigerian Shuga, but I’m glad the roots are from my beloved Kenya. Enjoy!

MeetUps in DC

Another great thing about living in the District, especially as a person who enjoys meeting new people and learning different cultures, is the multitude of different events that you can attend. I highly recommend joining meetup, a site dedicated to events planned to help people with similar interests meet. I was just at the Swedish embassy yesterday which I would never have done otherwise if not for my meetup groups. The ones I recommend are the Embassy meetup group(they’ll be in the Bahamas this weekend!) as well as the Caribbean meetup group, since their music is just divine and they know how to have a good time.  There’s also a Swahili meetup that isn’t very active but would highly recommend joining it, maybe we can all use it to meet up!  The possibilities are endless! I’ll put up interesting and free embassy meetups as they come up.  Siku njema.

*side note – I’ve been incorporating swahili words in my posts and will start a dictionary of sorts explaining what they mean. Should help those of us trying to learn the language of the Kenyan people!